Before you leave:

Best to check the weather reports. Driving to these locations during heavy rains and high winds is strongly discouraged.
Make sure vehicle is filled with gas.
Bring Water, snacks & layered clothing.
Plan your trip’s itinerary. Marking stops and points of interest.
Clean shoes prior to trip to prevent introduction of invasive species.

Driving on the Road

Stick to your Planned Itinerary.
Obey no Trespassing Private Property signs.
Drive the speed limit.
Pull over in the nearest safe turn out, if 3 or more cars are behind you.
Never park or stop and block the road, especially on bridges or around blind corners.
Share the Driving, due to the stressful road way conditions.

Dubbed “The Divorce Highway,” the Road to Hana has an exhausting 617 hairpin curves and 59 unforgiving one-lane bridges, as well as many blind spots along the road. While HWY 360 to Kahakuloa has one lane cliff hugging road ways with no guard rails. Neither are for the faint of heart. We recommend serious consideration of a guided tour as opposed to driving to these destinations on your own. Save your relationship and the driving to the professionals. Click here for a list of permitted professionals.